Near Real-Time Monitoring
P95 developed this in the ADVANCE IMI project. We are now able to monitor near real-time benefits and risks of vaccines in the post-marketing stage. We were responsible for connecting to various data sources, data cleaning and quality assurance, data modelling and simulation, data visualization, web app development and secure access.
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Dashboard on simulated data:
Dashboard with real data:

P95 developed this in the ADVANCE IMI project to allow epidemiologists to quantify and adjust for the effect of exposure and disease misclassification

P95 developed this in the ADVANCE IMI project to enable researchers to calculate and adjust the various interrelated indices connected to epidemiologic research.
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P95 developed the Electronic Study Support Application as a one-stop data upload and data quality assessment application for database custodians to use with their seasonal influenza data.

P95 has also been contracted to develop various web applications for Top Pharma clients and international partners (such as WHO, CEPI, etc.) on vaccine coverage, systematic literature review data and other topics.