Philip joins P95 as Pharmacovigilance Expert

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr Philip has joined P95 as Pharmacovigilance Expert.

Before joining P95, Philip (Phil) worked for over 20 years at the UK regulatory authority, the MHRA, where he led on vaccine pharmacovigilance. In this position Phil led many national and EU benefit-risk reviews of vaccines and medicines, as well as the review and approval process of the safety and risk management aspects of several vaccine and other biologicals marketing authorization applications. Phil was also active in the EU pharmacovigilance network and co-authored several vaccine pharmacovigilance guidelines such as the Good Vigilance Practice (GVP) modules on vaccines and biologics.

In addition to his regulatory role, Phil was also working closely with the UK public health authorities with whom he planned and held oversight over several risk management strategies related to the implementation of new vaccination programs, notably the 2009 pandemic flu programme, HPV vaccine, Meningitis B vaccine and, most recently, the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

Phil holds a Bachelors degree in Pharmacology and Physiology and a PhD in Physiology.  He has co-authored many peer-reviewed articles; including several vaccine safety related papers in lead journals such as the Lancet and BMJ.

Thomas Verstraeten, CEO of P95 said: We are very excited to have Phil join us at this key moment in our company’s development.  Boosted by the large demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic, P95 has more than doubled its workforce over the last year and we count on experts like Phil to help us maintain the highest quality standards in our work.  Phil will help us further develop the size and skills of the rapidly expanding PV group within P95 but also give valuable support to the other colleagues involved in any pre- or post-authorization risk management planning.