Real World Data Analyses

A rather vague term, Real World Data for us means databases that contain sufficiently detailed medical information on a sufficiently large population to be used for generating evidence on the need and impact of medical interventions. These can be electronic medical records spanning a large number of patients, hospitals or GP practices, health insurance records (billing information), surveillance databases, laboratory databases, registries, prescription databases and more. To enable clients to make optimal use of this increasingly rich and extensive source of medical data, we offer the following services:
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Single database analyses
  • Multi-database analyses
  • Analytical services
  • QC support
  • Coding support


DRIVE: A call for tenders

Measuring brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness in EU/EEA: a call for tenders

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New publication

P95 co-authored paper on Norovirus disease in Japan featured in PLoS Disease Forecasting & Surveillance ...
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New publication

Paper of P95 co-authors has been published online

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