P95 supports Plan Belgium

Plan works since 2010 in 43 different communities in Ecuador. The staff and volunteers of Plan go into dialogue with young people and their parents; topics include relationships, intimacy and the prevention and risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

In Ecuador, there still lies a towering taboo on sexual education. This is especially detrimental to the future prospects of girls. Thirty percent of the Ecuadorian girls become mothers before the age of 19. Due to the traditional male/female roles and pregnancy at young age, a lot of Ecuadorian girls drop out of school.

The program area covers four coastal provinces in western Ecuador: Manabí, Bolívar, Guayas and Santa Elena. Local Plan teams and volunteers work on the right to access to sexual education and information. The program aims to bring long term socio-cultural and psychological changes in young people, but also amongst all other parties involved.

Thanks to Plan, nearly 3,000 children and young people followed at least one information session about sexual education. A recent survey shows that they now dare to talk about relationships and sex easier than before. Also, 638 parents are now more aware of the discrimination that girls suffer due to socio - cultural traditions. In addition, Plan Ecuador is working with the Ministry of Education and various educational institutions to incorporate sexual education into their official curriculum.

Click here for photos and few testimonials of the work carried out in Ecuador.   


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