P95 receives IWT grant

Leuven, June 24, 15 - P95, a company dedicated to research in the fields of Pharmacovigilance, Epidemiology and Pharmacoepidemiology announces that the Flemish Government, through the agency for Innovation through Science and Technology (IWT), has awarded a grant of 250,000 EUR to support the development of a Real World Database Analytics Center.


P95 develops a Real World database analytics center to support the pharmaceutical industry and public health agencies to facilitate the development and monitor the introduction of new vaccines in a more rapid and cost efficient manner. With the support of IWT, P95 will gain access to a number of European healthcare databases containing information on vaccinations and infectious diseases. P95 will also develop new methods to combine and analyze these databases.

This project will be performed with support from Custodix, a Ghent-based company specialized in management of clinical data, and hence perfectly placed to partner with P95 for state of the art storage and processing technologies of sensitive data.

Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, managing director of P95, explains: “Vaccines are one of the most efficient public health interventions.  To maintain the confidence of the public in vaccinations, it is essential that their safety and effectiveness be monitored in a rapid and efficient manner. Real World databases offer a unique opportunity to do so. The IWT grant will enable us to combine and analyze Real World vaccine-related databases. In addition, the center will help companies and governments identify the public health priorities for future vaccine development.”

For further information, contact:


Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, MD, - +32 (0) 474 53 48 68


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