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We look for new solutions for old problems. This can be by using a new source of information, a new biostatistical way to analyse a dataset or a new interpretation of an old guideline.

Sense of urgency

No time to waste. We know and appreciate the urgency of the many requests we get. We deliver a proposal within days if needed. Your timeline become our objective.


We care about people, public health and global health, and how we can contribute to it. We are proud of what we deliver to our clients, and the contribution we make to ‘health for all’.

DRIVE: A call for tenders

Measuring brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness in EU/EEA: a call for tenders

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New publication

P95 co-authored paper on Norovirus disease in Japan featured in PLoS Disease Forecasting & Surveillance ...
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New publication

Paper of P95 co-authors has been published online

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